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Christy Bielek of Mentor participated in Lighten Up in 2013, but said she wanted to come back to finish what she started in 2014.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

w/o 3-31

OMG!!!! I almost forgot to post for this week!!! Glad I remembered today!!

Good Luck to all who are weighing in today!  I know the anticipation of getting on that scale is a love/hate feeling, but it's what we all need to either get or stay motivated to continue on this journey!!  I had to weigh in on Tuesday and I walked out of there much happier with my results from this past month!!  So, staying mindful of what I did to make this weigh in successful, I vow to continue thru April with the same path of healthy diet and as much exercise as I can fit in to my daily schedule.

That being said, come on Spring!! I have found that doing my walking outside is so much more enjoyable and actually refreshing!  And, not being on a treadmill that sort of forces me to keep a regular, even pace makes a difference in the effort that I put into walking.  It's so much easier to change my pace to get the extra burn and when I have my buds in, the music always challenges my pace too!  Not that it doesn't on the machine, but if I want to add a little extra bounce and dance shaking to my walk, I feel much safer doing it on my own than on the treadmill when I don't have to worry about pushing all those buttons!! 

I am so thankful for the MYFITNESSPAL app on my phone.  I have been so much more diligent about recording my daily food intake than I ever was when I kept track on paper (which basically didn't happen after the first couple of days).  And the app is way more user friendly than the VITABOT program.  With this app I have been able to really pay attention to what I'm consuming and I really know now what my portion sizes should be to stay within my self-imposed calorie range for the day.  And my food choices are so much better than they were before.

As we move on into our third month, I am quite sure that this will be another good month.  Stay positive and focused and good things will happen for all of us!!!


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