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Christy Bielek of Mentor participated in Lighten Up in 2013, but said she wanted to come back to finish what she started in 2014.

Monday, March 11, 2013

w/o 3-10

Last week was a really good week for me.  Worked out every day for at least an hour or more and was able to stay in my calorie range EVERY DAY!!  And the scale co-operated with all the work effort!  My scale told me I Have lost 6 lbs since the last weighin.  Now, I hope  that the Lean Living scale is in agreement when the time comes!!

Cabanas continues to be one of my favorite parts of the week.  Have yet to be disappointed with my meals. 

The nice weather this past weekend was the invitation I needed to get outside and do some fresh air activity - and I enjoyed every second of it.  Just a teaser for what is just around the corner.

Hope this week is a great one for everybody!  Keep on keepin' on and the results will show.  They have for me!!  YAY!!


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