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Christy Bielek of Mentor participated in Lighten Up in 2013, but said she wanted to come back to finish what she started in 2014.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

lighten Up 2013

Well, it was a great Superbowl game; glad the Ravens won.  Up until today, I had lost 4 lbs but - not sure it was a super day as far as staying within my food range.  Tried really hard to stay away from all the unhealthy snacks.  I think I did OK but did not stick to my meal plan the way I should have.  So.... tomorrow is a new day and I am determined to get back to it.  I did find however that the things I would have normally chowed down on were just not as appetizing today.  I'm taking this as a good sign that maybe my brain is getting on board with this program!!  Time will tell for sure.

Hope all my compatriots are faring well and are finding each day to be happier and easier to work this program.

Hope all have a GREAT week ahead!!


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