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Christy Bielek of Mentor participated in Lighten Up in 2013, but said she wanted to come back to finish what she started in 2014.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

w/o 3/30

Well, not happy with the weighin last weekend.  But time marches on.  Will try to make some adjustments this month with food and exercise to see if I can get the metabolism jumped.  Got the "Sugar Smart Diet" book.  Going to see of there's anything there that will help me adjust somewhere.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

w/o 2/30 (new month of blogs)

Starting out this month at the same place I did last month.  No loss-no gain.  I just hope that all the workouts that I did gained a lot of muscle because I sure didn't lose any fat!!!  I think at the next weigh in I will ask for measurements - I need to see some kind of progress somewhere.  This month was not good for me mentally anyway as I just couldn't get in the mode I needed to be in.  Got the workouts going better but I'm not sure I'm there yet - and this weigh-in DID NOT HELP in any positive way.  So I really need to reset myself somewhere and get going on a positive note - maybe will see some changes in the right direction. I think I am also going to rethink my diet and try something different this month.  Not sure what yet, but something.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

w/o 3/24

We went on a short trip to NC this past weekend.  Oh my - the eating patterns went off track!!!!  Of course, we had some Carolina 'cue and some grits&ham but for the most part I tried really hard to stick to my program.  And sitting in the car for 10 hrs. each way didn't help.  I managed to get in an extra workout this week - I hoped that helped the dormency I experienced on the trip.  Also brought back a bag of some of my most favorite bakery from there.  But the good thing (if there is any about bakery food) is that each roll is prepacked and can go in the freezer.  When I want to cheat (or splurge) I will take only one piece out at a time and make it last a couple days.  I'm glad I did bring this stuff back because I found out a couple of days after we got home that my daughter is being transferred from NC to Ohio and I won't have another chance to get those yummy treats anymore.  Everything happens for a reason, right??  LOL

Weigh ins this weekend *:-S worried.  Not sure if I will be happy or not.  My scale at home only shows a couple pounds lost;  hope "Big Red" treats me better.  We'll see.  Good Luck to all - hope you are all happy with the results today!!

w/o 3-16

Not much to report on this week.  Just following my regimen of going to the gym, getting better at time on the treadmill and doing interval jogging.  I don't want to become a hard core runner, but at a slower pace I think I can handle become a "casual jogger".  Not so sure that I am reaping the same benefits of working out on equipment as I did from all boot camps last year, but this is a good test as to which form of working out benefits me more.  I know it all helps, but maybe one is better than the other for me.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

w/o 3-9

So to follow up on w/o 3-2 post, I have found that I am also much more fatigued at the end of my work day.  When I get off at 2PM, all I want to do is go home and crash for a couple of hours.  I did do that a couple of times, but I really needed to on those days as I did not feel well ( start of a cold or flu).  But on that note, I know that doing that those couple days really helped me because I never got into the full blown cold.  And I owe that to being healthier than I was in the past; taking better care of myself physically.  Most days when I leave work, I try to find other things like errands to run or some needed chores to do right when I walk in the done.  If I sit down, I'm done.  Maybe my inner self is just tired of winter; maybe my inner self is just begging for nice weather and until it comes I just have to struggle with this slump.  How do I kick start myself to ramp it up a bit and get this body to metabolize more and not be so tired??    

Next weekend we will be going to N.C. for a few days - I am so looking forward to some warmer weather and different surroundings for a while - maybe that little escape will re-motivate me and I can have a fresh perspective on this Lighten Up journey.


w/o 3-2

I owe this blog for the above week as I was so busy between work, some pressing family issues and just a lot of " brain junk" taking up my time. 

I am truly struggling with this program this year.  Yeah, I lost 8 lbs. the first month but I just can't get my brain wrapped around what I need to do to be fully committed this time around.  Trust me, I am not happy with my weight where it is.  I have a goal weight I want to get to but I just can't figure out what motivates me this time.  I'm working out (although not as much as I did last year, but AT LEAST twice a week at the gym), I'm working at least 32+ hours a week this time.  Last year I was not working.  I am trying to stay aware of everything I eat.  What do I need to do???  At work I am on my feet the entire shift and so I am in motion a good part of my shift.  No snacking there; nope -  I have no problem saying "no" to myself when looking at candy, donuts, snack foods, pizza, sodas, sandwiches and the list goes on.  I know the damage that stuff can do to me.  I really need to dig deep this time but where????

Monday, March 3, 2014

w/o 2-23

Weigh in was good.  I'm happy with the 8 lbs.  I know what I did last month as far as eating and exercise, so now I have a baseline and goals to meet each month to keep moving in the right direction.  I did get a boot camp class in this week - boy did it feel great to be back there!!!  Even though Jess isn't around on a regular basis, I am going to go on Sat. a.m. to Andrea's class anyway. Like Jess's class better but hey, exercise is what it's all about regardless of the trainer.
Had a 6 mos. check in with my MD this week and I was also pleased with that visit.  Blood pressure way down, of course weight coming down and everything else was great!!!
If I keep on track with weight loss, he will take me off my BP med., and also the 1/2 dose of cholesterol meds. that he already cut down last year.  Then I will be med. free (except for vitamins and supplements).  That is a big accomplishment for me because I have been on those meds, plus others, for so long!!!!