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Christy Bielek of Mentor participated in Lighten Up in 2013, but said she wanted to come back to finish what she started in 2014.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

w/o 2/30 (new month of blogs)

Starting out this month at the same place I did last month.  No loss-no gain.  I just hope that all the workouts that I did gained a lot of muscle because I sure didn't lose any fat!!!  I think at the next weigh in I will ask for measurements - I need to see some kind of progress somewhere.  This month was not good for me mentally anyway as I just couldn't get in the mode I needed to be in.  Got the workouts going better but I'm not sure I'm there yet - and this weigh-in DID NOT HELP in any positive way.  So I really need to reset myself somewhere and get going on a positive note - maybe will see some changes in the right direction. I think I am also going to rethink my diet and try something different this month.  Not sure what yet, but something.


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