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Christy Bielek of Mentor participated in Lighten Up in 2013, but said she wanted to come back to finish what she started in 2014.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

w/o 3-9

So to follow up on w/o 3-2 post, I have found that I am also much more fatigued at the end of my work day.  When I get off at 2PM, all I want to do is go home and crash for a couple of hours.  I did do that a couple of times, but I really needed to on those days as I did not feel well ( start of a cold or flu).  But on that note, I know that doing that those couple days really helped me because I never got into the full blown cold.  And I owe that to being healthier than I was in the past; taking better care of myself physically.  Most days when I leave work, I try to find other things like errands to run or some needed chores to do right when I walk in the done.  If I sit down, I'm done.  Maybe my inner self is just tired of winter; maybe my inner self is just begging for nice weather and until it comes I just have to struggle with this slump.  How do I kick start myself to ramp it up a bit and get this body to metabolize more and not be so tired??    

Next weekend we will be going to N.C. for a few days - I am so looking forward to some warmer weather and different surroundings for a while - maybe that little escape will re-motivate me and I can have a fresh perspective on this Lighten Up journey.



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